AUGUST  2018



Tuesday 17th July @ 7-30pm  John Alexander

Friday  20th July @ 7-30pm Mini Workshop   see special events

Sunday  22nd July  @ 6-30pm Martin Twycross

Tuesday 24th July @ 7-30pm  Mark Impey

Sunday  29th July  @ 6-30pm  Sid Privett

Tuesday 31st July @ 7-30pm Wanda Bolton

Wednesday 1st August  @ 7-30pm Open Platform see special events

Sunday  5th August  @ 6-30pm Jenny Venables

Tuesday 7th August @ 7-30pm Charity event with Spencer Rose and Sue Giggs

see special events

Friday 10th August @ 7-30pm Awareness circle see special events

Sunday  12th August  @ 6-30pm Ann Randall

Tuesday 14th August  @ 7-30pm Duncan Day

Friday  17th August @ 7-30pm Mini workshop see special events

Sunday  19th August  @ 6-30pm Clare Broad

Tuesday 21st August @ 7-30pm  Charity Event with Val Triggs and Carol Dawber see special event


Sunday  26th August closed

Tuesday 28th August @ 7-30pm  Sid Privett

Sunday  2nd September  @ 6-30pm Darren Turner

Tuesday 4th September @ 7-30pm Jeff Woodhouse

Wednesday 5th September @ 7-30pm Open Platform see special events