Code of Conduct

For everyone using our church.

Our church door remains open to anyone who wishes to come into our church, for comfort, friendship, laughter, upliftment and peace.

We do ask that you are mindful of our spiritual beliefs, based on the 7 principles, that you act in a manner which promotes and encourages respect and politely remind you this is a place of worship.

We ask that you respect other people using our church; each person is accountable for their actions and has personal responsibility for their behaviour

In keeping with the integrity of our church we will not accept:

  • Anyone who causes damages to the church premises.
  • Anyone who acts in an aggressive way or personally attacks (verbally or physically) on other people.
  • Anyone who disrespects our churches fundamental principles and beliefs.
  • Anyone who cause disruptions or is disrespectful to the mediums or committee.

In these incidents immediate action will be taken to ask you to leave the church.

This will be followed up by a written letter informing you of any further actions to be taken with reference to the incident.

Anyone who wishes to talk to an officer of the church committee about any worries/concerns/incidents is welcome to do so in the strictest confidence. We will try to obtain an amicable settlement by agreement between all the parties involved

The Church committee