Health and Safety Policy

Camberley Spiritualist Church (CSC) is a single storey building.  The entrance has steps with a ramp to accommodate wheelchairs (see Disability Policy). All Building work is carried out by outside professional. The gas boiler is serviced every year. The fire service inspects the building and extinguishers every year. All certificates are up to date.

CSC recognises its responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain working conditions that are safe, healthy and complaint with all statutory requirements and codes of practice. We work in accordance with the ‘Safe Working Practices of the Safety at Work Act 1974. To this end, our health and Safety policy and procedures are professionally prepared and updated in accordance with any changes in legislation.

CSC will observe the Health and Safety Regulations as provided in the Health and Safety Executive Guidelines. We believe that all members and visitors should be as safe as possible from the threat of any hazard. We feel the best way to ensure that this state of safety exists is to have a robust policy. The elected committee of CSC is responsible of monitoring health and safety inside the church during services and any church events and will take the following steps to ensure that statutory duties are met.

  1.  We will give such information, instruction and training as is necessary to enable the safe performance of all activities.
  2.  All activities will be reviewed to take account of health and safety.
  3.  Adequate facilities and arrangements will be maintained to enable all visitors and members to raise issues of health and safety.
  4.  WSC elected committee members are appointed responsible people to meet statutory duties including, where appropriate, specialist from outside the organisation.
  5.  This document will be regularly monitored to ensure that is objectives are achieved. It will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised in the light of legislative changes.
  6.  With regard to the health and safety for activities which may be undertaken in the church, the elected committee will ensure that those in charge of such activities will be aware of, and   responsible for, health and safety provision for their activity. The organisers will insure all such activities.
  7.  All staff will observe this policy. This document is held in the church office and a copy will be clearly displayed on the notice board for all members and visitors to read.

In order to achieve compliance with best practice, all members will be advised of Health and Safety requirements to gain a full understanding of both policy and procedure, to reduce hazard and reduce the risks to an acceptable level. Regular monitoring of risk factors will take place.

All visitors to the church, whether members or non-members, have a responsibility to promote and maintain a safe environment. Any additional risks or unsafe procedures that are noted must be reported to the committee. The details will be investigated and the necessary arrangements to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

To promote good practice for the welfare of all entering the church, a ‘no smoking’ policy has been established.  Most people are now aware of the negative effects of smoking and being exposed to tobacco smoke and it is our aim to minimise the particular risk. This practice will apply to everyone associated with the church, i.e., members or visitors.

Health and Hygiene Procedure

In order to maintain the health and hygiene of all people, who attend the church, the following points should be observed.

  1. A clean working environment in the kitchen will be maintained.
  2. The personal hygiene of those working in the kitchen must be ensured, within the requirements of the duties agreed
  3. All workers must ensure that all areas of use (i.e., microwaves, cooker tops, work surfaces, sinks etc.) are left clean and tidy.
  4. Food must be stored at the correct temperatures, and in a suitable, clean container. All sell-by dates should be observed.
  5. Only trained and authorised members will assist in the kitchen.
  6. The workers authorised by the committee will be instructed in the essential points of Health and Hygiene.
  7. All cleaning materials are kept out of sight in a separate cupboard.


The church is locked at all times, when no service or activity is being conducted. Authorised members hold a key for which they sign.  The key is returned when duties of that person cease. There is an automatic ‘movement responsive’ light immediately outside the entrance door which illuminates when approached

Cash is collected at the end of services and dealt with by an authorised person.  There are always support staff who attend at the same time which ensures that no one dealing with cash is left alone.

There are two named Property Wardens who inspect the building regularly (at least once a year). Any health and safety issues are reported to the committee and the necessary remedial action taken.