We encourage you to email us at if you wish us to add names onto our online and physical healing books.  When submitting names, please only use the first name of the person or pet.  The names added to the books will be read out at our services and will be prayed for.  The healing is sent by intention and thought (Absent Healing).  Please note, we will never claim that healing can offer a cure, but it will always have an effect, even if the receiver doesn’t feel anything.  This is divine energy from God that is being sent.  Anyone can be included. Anyone of any race, religion, faith, and culture from any part of the world.  For more details on absent healing , see our page entitled about spiritual healing.
We always welcome feedback from the person you have asked for Absent Healing to be sent to.


Father God, Spirit Friends, please come close to us now, and channel the divine healing energy through us, and send it to those in need and those who are suffering.

Jenny, Kevin, Maggie, Clive, Marie, Marinet (just passed), Sarah, David, Emma, Ann, Jan, Sue, Marianne, Jim, Ali, Gwen, Bertie, Mary, Judith, Peter, Kevin, Linda, Shelly, Sarah, Dave.