This section is designed to allow members of the public to e-mail us with the names of people they would like to ask ABSENT HEALING for. There can be no guarantee of a cure or even an effect. All we will do is send our thoughts and prayers to those who ask . In our experience this form of healing is beneficial. We do our best and ask those who visit this page to offer up their own prayers for the relief of those named .
Anyone can be included . Anyone , of any race , of any religion from any part of the world. All we ask is a name and general location. The recipient of the healing can be a friend, loved one , or a pet . It doesn’t matter . All that counts is the thought. For more details on absent healing , see our page entitled about spiritual healing.
To have a name included on this page send details to stating simply the name of the person for whom healing is asked and a location . It would be nice, though not essentilaal to have news of any progress. Thats up to you


Your thoughts and prayers are asked for all those who have contracted  Covid-19 and for those who  strive to overcome  the disease and care for its victims

Jenny from Bracknell

Kevin  from Wokingham